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Safe and reliable gas bottle supply in Walsall

Propane and butane gas cylinders and accessories delivered to your home.

Fast delivery of domestic and commercial bottled gas

Gas bottles are a popular and convenient choice of fuel for a wide range of gas appliances. Their ease of use and portability make them a good choice for outdoor use and camping and their low operational costs make them suitable for use in forklift trucks, commercial heating, commercial drying and other light commercial applications. 

A1 Tool & Plant Ltd supplies gas bottles, heaters, gas appliances and accessories at competitive prices in Walsall. We supply cylinders of all sizes, according to your requirements. You can also contact us for the sale of tools and equipment.
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Gas bottles by Calor Gas

Get cooking and heating with butane or propane gas at a competitive price without compromising on your safety. We supply gas bottles from the leading brand - Calor Gas.
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Our products list includes

  • Regulators, fitting nozzles and regulator screws
  • Gas bottles, gas cylinders and hoses
  • Blowtorches, gas torches and more!

A1 Tool & Plant Ltd supplies and delivers propane gas by Calor Gas and other top brands in Walsall. To place an order, call us

01922 720 220

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